From beach to snow

We’ve come a long way since LA! After our trip to visit family in Southern California, we got ready to say some difficult goodbyes to our friends who became our family [in a van, down] by the [Trinity] river. We felt ready to move on, but had a really tough time letting go of the [...]

West Coastin’

We have been doing some pretty extreme relaxing since we arrived on the west coast, along with taking on some pretty cool adventures. Before we left home, one of our good friends invited us to his farm in California, and as we passed through Colorado he encouraged us to head straight here. And here we [...]

Van upgrades

Before we hit the road this time we had big plans for making our space a little more live-able and homey, and we thought we would share some of the upgrades we made! First of all, one of the most simple but most impactful changes for us was adjusting our ceiling. If you read our [...]

Westward Bound

It’s official - we’re back on the road! After a busy and emotional time at home, we’ve set our destination as “west”, and we’re making more progress every day. We left Sunday evening and couldn’t help but reminisce on how far we’ve come since the last time we left home. The first time we drove [...]

Our time at home

Our time back in Maryland is coming to a close in less than two weeks, and we are gearing up to hit the road again. I've put a pause on writing for the blog while we've been here, first of all because there hasn't been much to write about, but most importantly because we lost [...]