Van upgrades

Before we hit the road this time we had big plans for making our space a little more live-able and homey, and we thought we would share some of the upgrades we made! First of all, one of the most simple but most impactful changes for us was adjusting our ceiling. If you read our [...]

How Does Our Sink Work?

We've tried pretty hard to have as many homey comforts in our van as possible to make life easier. One of these that is essential is running water, which we have made happen through a water system that we constructed. Our water system consists of two seven gallon tanks, a foot pump, tubing, a faucet, [...]

Where are we now?

Wow, it's been almost three weeks since our blown tire! A lot has changed for us since then, and we're already planning the next stretch of our journey. Since our time in New Hampshire, we have landed pretty close to home in Bethany Beach, DE. Our original plan was to arrive at my parent's beach [...]

A crazy day

Yesterday was interesting to say the least. Since leaving Michigan, we've headed East and have spent some time in upstate New York, Vermont, and Maine. Yesterday we decided to check out New Hampshire and head into the White Mountain National Forest to camp. On our way into the forest, we blew a tire (the first, [...]

Camping friends

It's been a long time since my last post! Lots to catch up on, but we've had much happier adventures since we left our strange night in Boney Falls, MI. Our next stop was much closer to civilization - we traveled south from the Upper Peninsula into the Manistee-Huron National Forest, then to the National [...]